Volkswagen Middle East and Q-Auto Partner with Qatar Business Incubator Centre (QBIC) to support aspiring
entrepreneurs in Qatar 

  • The strategic collaboration aimed to foster entrepreneurship and digital innovation in the State of Qatar through a hackathon focusing on mobility. 
  • Teams participated in a 72-hour hackathon to develop the most innovative idea.
  • The Hackathon was won by FLEETPROXIMA , SHIPBEE and E-Lifters who were each awarded a prize of QAR 25,000 .

Doha, Qatar
July, 2023 

Volkswagen Middle East, in collaboration with Q-Auto, the official Volkswagen dealer in Qatar, partnered with Qatar Business Incubator Centre (QBIC), the largest incubator in Qatar to host a hackathon focusing on the theme of mobility. The accelerator hackathon event, organized by QBIC in June, supported aspiring entrepreneurs to promote digital transformation in the State of Qatar. 

As a leading automotive brand renowned for its commitment to innovation and progress, Volkswagen Middle East recognizes the importance of nurturing entrepreneurial talent and fostering digital solutions that drive the industry forward. Through the collaboration with QBIC, Volkswagen aimed to empower and support aspiring entrepreneurs in Qatar, providing them with a platform to showcase their ideas and contribute to the development of the mobility sector.

The hackathon, operating under the theme of Digital Transformation and sub-theme Mobility, invited professionals, faculties, graduates and early-stage startups to develop groundbreaking solutions that address mobility challenges faced by the industry. By focusing on ideas related to advancing mobility solutions, smart infrastructure and management systems, the event was designed to inspire  innovation and catalyze the development of disruptive technologies within Qatar's entrepreneurial ecosystem. The winning teams, FLEETPROXIMA , SHIPBEE  and E-Lifters  each won a prize of a Pre-Investment Award worth QAR 25,000 to further enhance their ideas and bring th­em to life. 

The winning teams presented captivating and groundbreaking ideas.

FLEETPROXIMA utilizes data-driven analytics to provide an advanced  monitoring system based on driver behaviour, empowering  fleet management decision makers with enhanced safety measures, cost reduction, and real-time insights.

SHIPBEE is a SAS platform and mobile app, connecting shippers and carriers in the construction industry, streamlining load booking and scheduling for shippers and contractors, while minimizing matching and communication times. The SHIPBEE solution offers end-to-end shipment visibility and tracking.

The E-Lifters’ solution revolved around connecting shippers and carriers effectively. Through their advanced technology and tailored services, E-Lifters prioritizes enhanced transparency and visibility. Their service empowers both shippers and carriers to create a significant difference within their communities.

Commenting on the partnership, Ahmed Shariefi, Managing Director at Q-Auto said, "We were thrilled to join forces with QBIC to fuel entrepreneurship and digital innovation in Qatar. Volkswagen is a brand that focuses on moving people forward, not just physically but also in terms of progress and technology. Working in partnership with QBIC and utilizing their expertise and resources, the collaboration created a nurturing environment for aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into reality. Volkswagen and Q-Auto are proud to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the support and resources they need to bring their innovative ideas to life and drive the mobility industry forward."

QBIC, as a leader in incubation and entrepreneurship in Qatar, is committed to nurturing startups and fostering an ecosystem that encourages innovation. Since 2014, QBIC has incubated 218 start-ups and committed QAR 15.3m worth of investments, involvement in this partnership further solidifies their commitment to driving economic diversification and technological advancements in Qatar.

In line with Volkswagen Middle East’s commitment to moving people forward, the brand has a history of supporting young entrepreneurs and startups through previous partnerships with Step Conference by hosting a Mobility Challenge in 2019 and 2020 and a partnership with Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) to support startups in Developing Innovative Mobility Initiatives.