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Exchange Parts

Top quality – 40% cheaper*.

Alongside the Genuine Parts, the Genuine Exchange Parts provide you with a technically equal and cost-effective alternative. The main aims of the programme are resource conservation and economic viability.

*Than the corresponding Volkswagen Genuine Parts®


Your benefits at a glance.

It doesn't cost the earth and is less of a burden on the environment.

Product information 

Returned old parts must be Genuine Parts from Volkswagen AG. The processing capacity of the old part will be tested by your Volkswagen Partner.
By analysing the causes of defects, we can guarantee an even more reliable construction of new generations of products.
The return process conserves resources and omits the energy and labour expenses needed for new production.

Your benefits 

  • Like new. 
    Series-identical quality and high-quality industrial processing according to strict Volkswagen guidelines, resulting in a top quality product like every other Volkswagen Genuine Part®.
  • Good value. 
    The economical repair solution for many Volkswagen models provides you with the same purchase security as all other Volkswagen Genuine Parts®, but for an average of 40% less*.   
  • Long-lasting. 
    Volkswagen takes back numerous used parts, as they still contain valuable resources. Not only easy on your wallet, but easy on resources too.

*Than the corresponding Volkswagen Genuine Parts®

Our industrial processing is more than just a general reconditioning of returned parts. Special processing methods ensure that each individual part is of the same quality. The same standards apply for the quality level as those employed during the series production of new parts.

Thanks to low production costs, you can benefit from a number of considerable savings. This means that even older vehicles can be repaired economically, without having to compromise on the quality of the original.

There is a clear difference in the part number from the number of the Genuine Parts. Our Genuine Exchange Parts are sometimes even better than the originally installed series part. This is because, at Volkswagen, all technical alterations made in series production flow immediately into the processing procedure.

The upgraded old part must be returned within a 28 day deadline. The deadline begins with the generation of the delivery note for the exchange part. The return is then conducted with a one-to-one exchange or a type exchange in accordance with the applicable return criteria.

Volkswagen has had the idea of exchange for 70 years. The programme was started in 1946 with five component groups. There are now more than 10,300 parts, making it the most extensive exchange programme in the history of the automotive industry. Every new generation of vehicle also means further growth through technical enhancement.

Why are Exchange Parts so cheap?

Find out for yourself.

Everyone's a winner with Exchange Parts: They conserve valuable resources in production, are of the same quality as new parts, but are an average of 40% cheaper *.

*Than the corresponding Volkswagen Genuine Parts®

It’s your choice.

Approximately 10,000 Volkswagen Genuine Exchange Parts from more than 60 product groups.

  •  Short, partial and complete engines 
  •  Cylinder head 
  •  Electric drive 
  •  Coolant pump 
  •  Oil cooler 
  •  Automatic and manual gearbox 
  •  Dual clutch gearbox DSG® 
  •  Hybrid gearbox 
  •  Clutch 
  •  Valve body 
  • Steering rack 
  • Drive shaft and CV joint 
  • Joint and set 
  • Propshaft 
  • Brake shoe 
  •  Turbocharger 
  •  Unit injector 
  •  Injector 
  •  Injection pump 
  •  Air mass meter 
  •  Navigation / Infotainment system 
  •  Alternator 
  •  Combi-instrument 
  •  Control unit 
  •  Starter 
  • Air conditioning compressor 
  • Catalytic converter 
  • Diesel particulate filter 

Using the example of an engine, we'll explain how industrial processing works.

It all starts with you. You return the old engine that has been removed. We then dismantle, clean, process and check it in the factory so we can go on to offer it as a Volkswagen Genuine Exchange Part. Follow the individual steps here.

Good Reasons.


Even just in terms of engine processing, we have saved so much steel and energy that the Eiffel Tower could be built some 50 times over with it. By using the Exchange Parts programme, you'll be actively contributing to resource protection. Thanks to the return and recycling of used products, you can benefit from an inexpensive repair solution with the quality of new parts.