, 2020-05-20 14:22:52

Protection & Maintenance

See your Volkswagen in a new light: Protection & maintenance products from Volkswagen.

Care for your car in the best way possible with products from Volkswagen Accessories. Not only do they provide optimal care, but also a high level of protection. 

Your discrete companion.

While you concentrate on the drive itself, our products provide you with unobtrusive and effective protection from distracting influences, such as clouds of dirt.

Breakdown aid safety package

The original breakdown kit from Volkswagen Accessories offers you the best protection in any situation.

Interior care

Clean surfaces, a gleaming finish and a lovely scent. With the Volkswagen Genuine Interior Care Products, you'll turn your Volkswagen into an oasis of pleasure.

Shampoo and polish

Shine, cleanliness and long-lasting protection! Give your Volkswagen an extra special treatment with the specially developed care products from Volkswagen Accessories. Your car will not only shine, but you'll also guarantee years of driving pleasure.


Wax shampoo

Clean the paintwork and preserve its shine, all in one go. The wax shampoo has been developed exclusively for Volkswagen paintwork.


Wax polish

With the Volkswagen Genuine Wax Polish, you'll treat your Volkswagen to paintwork care and treatment of professional quality. The wax polish is shampoo and weather-proof, and paintwork-friendly.

Glass polish


Keep a clear view. The Volkswagen Genuine Glass Polish easily cleans away any stubborn dirt on the windscreen such as insect residue, tree sap, tar, oil, soot and silicon residues, guaranteeing a streak and reflection-free surface.